Dropshipping To Turkey

If you are thinking of drop shipping to another countries you should consider also Turkey. Due to high electronic prices, Turkey is one of the best countries for drop shipping. There are too many people searching for  cheap electronic devices on www.eBay.com  or  Chinese web sites www.dhgate.com  and www.aliexpress.com

 However when it comes to customs regulations there are some restrictions in Turkey. For example a person can not purchase a product from outside of Turkey more expensive than 75 euro (cost+shipping) and also not allowed to order any cosmetics, dietary or food supplements without customs declaration. And cost of a customs declaration would be higher than the cost of your product so you’d better not to try. On the other hand consumer electronics which cost less than 75 euro may allow you make good money.

For example Amazon Kindle 3; Amazon.com does not sell it to Turkey but there are some people here wants to buy and cost of the item here on domestic web sites not less than 330  Turkish Lira which is almost 220 usd (approx current rate is 1,51). However it is only 139 usd in USA on www.amazon.com and shipping would not be more that 35 usd as per dimensions of Kindle.

There is also opportunity on android tablet pc and similar devices but do not sell mobile phones. They get banned by the GSM operator in a month if it is not registered and there is no way to do it if you did not buy it in Turkey with an invoice or bring it with you from another country and get it registered on your passport.

 This is all I can say for now, you can do the math and decide.

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